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jenny_major.jpg 2016_quiz_winners.jpg Trivia_2015.jpg John and Norma, Winners of the Footie Dress-up Competition, 20th September 2013.
Footy Fever
September 2019 (PDF 848KB)
Morning Tea, Footy Dressup and Trivia Quiz,
September 2016.(PDF 824KB)
Special Morning Tea, Footie Trivia and Dress-up,
September 2015.(PDF 470KB)
Special Morning Tea and Trivia Spectacular,
September 2013.
`Port Power` Lynn, `Magpie` Jenny and `Catter` Jenny enjoying a cuppa. Margaret and Christine at our Art and Craft Display, AGM 18th March 2011. Val `sneaking` some extra eggs before the Easter Bunny sees her! Helen awards David the prize for the best `footie` outfit.
Special Morning Tea and Footie Trivia Spectacular,
September 2011.
Art and Craft Display,
AGM 18th March 2011.(PDF 601KB)
Easter Meeting and AGM Special Morning Tea,
March 2010.
Footie Finals Special Morning Tea,
September 2009.