The Combined Probus Club of Wheelers Hill Inc. Scrabble Group meets at 2pm at the Lum Reserve Tennis Clubhouse on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Two rounds of scrabble are played in groups of 3 or 4 to a table. Formed words are limited to the scope of the dictionaries available on the evening. Supper, which is provided by all attendees, is enjoyed by all following the games. Apart from having a great social evening, the aim is to improve the word score each time, but this is usually limited to the luck of the pick up. The best single game score of 364 points is held by Robin Bray made on the 10th February 2014. This beat the previous record of 353 held by Rosemary Bray. The best aggregate score of 557 points from two games, is held by Ted May and was made on the 10th January 2005.

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