The Club's Outings Officer, researches and arranges a continuous program of delightfully different outings, all with the aim of involving and entertaining our members. These are always well attended and appreciated. Outings vary from day trips to weekends and longer. Just a few that attended are pictured below.

Click on the following photo links to share some of the outing experiences enjoyed by our members.

ambulance.jpg cottage.jpg
Ambulance Museum,
Nov 2022. (PDF 3292KB)
Cottage by the sea & Fort Anglesea,
Nov 2022. (PDF 4787KB)
van_gogh.jpg silo_tour_1.jpg_1 silo_tour_2.jpg bright2021.jpg
Van Gogh exhibition at the Lume
May 2022. (PDF 2773KB)
Silo art trail tour part 1,
May 2022.(PDF 3901KB)
Silo art trail tour part 2,
May 2022.(PDF 4792KB)
Bright tour, April/may 2021, (PDF 8122KB).
Also included is a link to a Video of the tour
barefoot_2020.jpg indian_pacific.jpg breakfast_mulgrave.jpg synchrotron.jpg
Barefoot Bowls,
January 2020, (PDF 387KB).
Indian Pacific train tour with Cruise extension,
October 2019, (PDF 3045KB).
Breakfast at Mulgrave Country Club,
October 2019, (PDF 1193KB).
Synchrotron tour
September 2019, (PDF 952KB).
tennis_20190724.jpg tudors_windsors_20190627.jpg immigration_may_2019.jpg puffing_billy_march2019.jpg
Tennis Centre
July 2019, (PDF 1956KB).
Tudors to Windsors
June 2019, (PDF 838KB).
Immigration Museum
May 2019, (PDF1749KB).
Puffing Billy
March 2019, (PDF 2420KB).
barefootbowls_feb2019.jpg movies_on_the_ move.jpg till_they_come_home.jpg japan_oct_2018.jpg
Barefoot Bowls
February 2019, (PDF 963KB).
Movies on the Move,
November 2018, (PDF 413KB)
Till they come home concert,
November 2018, (PDF 924KB)
Japan trip,
September 2018, (PDF 6098KB).
melb_cultural_tour_june2018.jpg port_arlington.jpg norfolk_island.jpg breakfast.jpg
Melbourne Cultural Walk,
June 2018, (PDF 5517KB).
Port Arlington cruise,
April 2018, (PDF 1757KB)
Norfolk Island Tour,
December 2017, (PDF 8987KB)
Breakfast at Mulgrave,
October 2017, (PDF 1174KB)
college_of_anaesthetists.jpg mcg_visit.jpg arthurs_seat_eagle.jpg aust_jazz_museum.jpg
College of Anaesthetists,
September 2017, (PDF 760KB)
National Sports Museum and MCG,
July 2017, (PDF 602KB)
Arthurs Seat Eagle
May 2017, (PDF 1665KB)
Australian Jazz Museum,
March 2017, (PDF 951KB)
bowls_night_2017.jpg queenvic_tour_2016.jpg eastern_europe_and_river_cruise.jpg aviation_museum_2016.jpg
Bowls night at Mt Waverley Bowls Club,
Feb 2017, (PDF 768KB)
Queen Victorian market tour,
Dec 2016, (PDF 501KB)
Eastern Europe Tour and River cruise,
August/Sept 2016, (PDF 3047KB)
Australian National Aviation Museum,
19th July 2016, (PDF 576KB)
koalahol_2016.jpg marilyn_2016.jpg Bowling_2016_margaret_boyd.jpg jayco_tour.jpg
Queensland trip staying at Koala Resort,
29th May 2016, (PDF 907KB)
Marilyn Munroe Exhibition, Bendigo,
10th May 2016, (PDF 523KB)
Bowling night at Mt Waverley Bowls Club,
2nd Feb 2016, (PDF 287KB)
Tour of the Jayco factory,
23rd July and 26th November 2015, (PDF 396KB)"
Kerrisdale_1.jpg proud_mary.JPG ww1 exhibition.jpg De Sal visit.jpg
The Kerrisdale railway and Museum,
6th October 2015, (PDF 1068KB)
The Proud Mary riverboat trip,
11th September 2015, (PDF 636KB)
World War 1 Exhibition,
16th June 2015,(PDF 207KB)
Wonthaggi De Sal Plant,
26th May 2015, (PDF 600KB)
bluestrain.jpg pnggroup.jpg bowling3.jpg rch1.jpg
Blues train,
21st March 2015, (PDF 847KB)
PNG cruise,
14th Feb. 2015, (PDF 2028KB)
Bowling night at Mt Waverley,
January 2015. (PDF 439KB)
Visit to the Royal Children`s Hospital,
November 2014.
policemuseum5.jpg brewery1.jpg medcruise1.jpg oldmelbgaol3.jpg
Visit to the Victoria Police Museum,
July 2014.
Visit to the Carlton Brewery,
May 2014
Mediterranean Cruise,
September 2013, (PDF 6675KB)
Visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol,
25th July 2013.
govh13_2.jpg loddon30.jpg mtwav_bowls3.jpg hawaii9f.jpg
Government House and La Trobe's Cottage,
11th April 2013.
Loddon Discovery Tour,
May 2013, (PDF 3474KB)
Bowls Evening, Mount Waverley Bowling Club,
8th February 2013.
Hawaii Cruise,
October 2012, (PDF 2028KB)
walter_eliza_hall.jpg highc50.jpg grace_kelly_exhib_bendigo.jpg collsurg1.jpg
Visit to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute on,
31st July 2012.
High Country Tour,
May 2012, (PDF 2830KB)
Grace Kelly Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery,
8th May 2012.
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Museum,
29th March 2012.
parliament8.jpg chinmus7.jpg portstep30a.jpg mccrae1.jpg
Parliament House Tour and MFB Museum,
24th February 2012.
Visit to the Chinese Museum in Chinatown,
15th September 2011.
Best of Port Stephens and Hunter Valley Trip,
April 2011, (PDF 2003KB)
McCrae Homestead, Mornington Markets and Linton Gardens Trip,
2nd March 2011. (PDF 620KB)
mtwav_bowl1.jpg yarrarange12.jpg tramboat1.jpg wendywu.jpg
Bowls and BBQ, Mt. Waverley Bowling Club,
7th January 2011. (PDF 306KB)
Yarra Ranges Estate and Cloudehill Gardens,
23rd November 2010
Tramboat Cruise,
28th October 2010, (PDF 124KB)
Wendy Wu Magnificent China Trip, August
September 2010. (PDF 1630KB)
darwin3.jpg RAAF7.jpg roundcorio8.jpg jazzmuseum4.jpg
Ellen Stokes Report on Probus Rendezvous Darwin
2010 (PDF 212KB)
RAAF Point Cook Museum and Homestead,
August 2010. (PDF 177KB)
Freedom Cruise around Corio Bay,
February 2010. (PDF 472KB)
Visit to the Jazz Museum,
January 2010, (PDF 135KB)
sgippsrail15.jpg guidedogs4.jpg fox4.jpg yarrav5.jpg
South Gippsland Railway Trip,
October 2009, (PDF 475KB)
Visit to the Guide Dogs Victoria Centre, Kew,
22nd September 2009.
Fox Cars & Victoria Mounted Police Branch Tour,
July 2009, (PDF 167KB)
Yarra Valley Dairy and Coldstream Brewery Trip,
June 2009, (PDF 93KB)
outqld45.jpg fish5.jpg xlight1.jpg bay19.jpg
Outback Queensland Trip,
May 2009.
Tooradin Fishing Trip,
25th February 2009, (PDF 227KB)
Christmas Lights Tour,
20th December 2008, (PDF 938KB)
Round the Bay Tour,
November 2008
gipps6.jpg russia18.jpg dart2.jpg8 bass4.jpg
Gippsland Aeronautics Tour,
31st October 2008, (PDF 148KB)
Russia and Baltic States Tour,
August-September 2008.
Dartmouth Dam Tour,
April 2008.
Bass Coast Mystery Tour,
March 2008.
earimil.jpg burrumb14.jpg rendez6.jpg casmal29.jpg
Visit to Earimil Gardens, Mt. Eliza,
22nd October 2007.
Ballarat Burrumbeet Christmas in July,
July 2007.
Ellen Stokes Report on Probus Rendezvous,
June 2007
Victorian Goldfields Railway Trip,
June 2007
bhill1.jpg viet1.jpg beleura2.jpg tivoli1.jpg
Broken Hill Trip,
May 2007
Vietnam Tour,
November 2006.
Visit to Beleura House, Mornington Peninsula,
26th September 2006.
Tivoli Theatre Restaurant,
30th August 2006.
ghan.jpg jazz03.jpg nepean4.jpg heraldweeklytimes.jpg
Darwin tour on the Ghan,
August 2005
Jazz Weekend,
July 2005.
Point Nepean Tour,
June 2005.
Visit to The Herald and Weekly Times,
18th April 2005.
seals1.jpg healsv1.jpg Florence.jpg VicMarket1A.jpg
Seal Rocks and French Island Tours,
February 2005.
Journey on the Yarra Valley Tourist Railway,
January 2005.
Dinner and Cruise on the Florence,
January 2005.
Trip to the Queen Vic. Markets and Lygon Street,
August 2004.
willtn2.jpg werribee2.jpg norfolk1.jpg choc1.jpg
Ferry to Williamstown,
24th October 2003.
Werribee Open Range Zoo
September 2003.
Norfolk Island tour
August 2003.
Melbourne, Chocolate & other desserts walk
June 2003.
gippsland2.jpg puffb5.jpg police1.jpg tesselaars2.jpg
Gippsland Gourmet Delights tour,
May 2003.
Puffing Billy Outing,
28th March 2003.
Police Academy visit,
January 2003.
Tesselaar's Tulip Festival,
October 2002.