The Combined Probus Club of Wheelers Hill Inc. conducts a monthly `Happy Hour` on the second Thursday of every month commencing at 5.00PM. Members kindly make their homes available on a roster basis to host these very enjoyable get-togethers. If you would like to partake in great Club fellowship and friendship just drop in with a plate of nibbles, an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice and a glass and join with fellow members for a pleasant and relaxing hour or so together.

Click on the following photo links to share some of the happy Hour experiences enjoyed by our members in recent times.

Probus Happy hour,
February 2022 (PDF 1143KB).
happy_hour_jan_2022.jpg 2021_carter_happy_hour.jpg lawrence_happy_hour.jpg happyhour_walking_2021.jpg
Combined Walking/Happy hour groups,
January 2022 (PDF 2024KB).
Probus Xmas Happy Hour,
December 2021 (PDF 1398KB)
Probus Happy Hour,
March 2021 (PDF 617KB)
Combined Walking and Happy hour groups,
January 2021 (PDF 515KB).
walking_happy_2020.jpg happy_hour_oct2019.jpg happy_hour_march2019.jpg happyhour12_nov2018.jpg
Combined Walking and Happy hour groups,
January 2020 (784KB).
Happy Hour,
October 2019 (PDF 1184KB).
Happy Hour,
March 2019 (PDF 1205KB).
Happy Hour,
November 2018.
happythour5_april2018.jpg happy_hour_nov_2017_4.jpg Walking_happy_hour_2017_10.jpg happy_hour_xmas_2016_7.jpg
Happy Hour,
April 2017.
Happy Hour,
November 2017.
Happy hour with the walking group,
January 2017.
Xmas Happy Hour,
December 2016.
happy_hour30.jpg happyhour18.jpg happyhour14.jpg happyhour4.jpg
Happy Hour, October 2015. Happy Hour, October 2013. Happy Hour, July 2013. Happy Hour, March 2013.