The Combined Probus Club of Wheelers Hill Inc. operates a book exchange facility at its monthly meetings for the reading interests of the members.

Members generously donate, a wide range of interesting books, both fiction and non-fiction, hard and soft cover, for members to take and read.

Whilst there is no set time period applicable for borrowing books, we encourage members to promptly return any borrowed book so that other members may also enjoy them.


The following Rules will govern the operation of the Book Exchange.

All books received -
(i) will be considered a donation to our club and may not be seen again by the (original) owner.
(ii) will number no more than two (2) per member per month.
(iii) will be (upon receipt) identified by an appropriate received date "sticker".
(iv) will be donated to charities if not taken (by other members) by the following meeting.

Hard cover or Paperback books are welcomed. Magazines are inadmissible.

The Book Exchange Coordinator will attend to all remaining books at the conclusion of each meeting.

Suggestions for improvement to our Book Exchange are welcomed. Please refer any suggestion(s) directly to the Book Exchange Coordinator.