Guest speakers attend our Monthly General Meetings to entertain and inform us for approximately one hour on a wide variety of interesting subjects namely in the Arts, Sciences, Medicine, Personal Experience, Sport, Community Service, Commerce, Entertainment to name a few. Some involve audio/video and Powerpoint presentations. Occasionally some presentations are kindly made available in electronic format for members to later follow up on the internet from their home computers should they so wish.
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Photos of some of our excellent guest speakers.

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Guest Speakers 2021

Fri. 19th November, 2021 Lynn Carter. `Lynn will be showing a video of a 2016 trip to Myanmar.` `Presented by Club member Lynn Carter via zoom.`
Fri. 15th October,2021 Alan Taylor. `The story of his Grandfathers 1912 diary - Journey to Antartica.` Presented by club member Alan Taylor via Zoom
Fri. 17th September, 2021 Robin Bowles. `Investigative journalist.` Zoom presentation
Fri. 20th August,2021 Robert (Rob) Weatherson. `Talking about his time and work in India.` Presented by club member Rob Weatherson via Zoom.
Fri. 16th July, 2021 NA NA Meeting cancelled due to Covid lockdown.
Fri. 18th June, 2021 Lynn Carter. `Cruise around the top of Arnhem Land in 2019. (Part 2)` `Presented by Club member Lynn Carter via zoom.`
Fri. 21st May, 2021 Heather Burge. `Cycling from Bejing to Paris.(part 1)`
Fri. 16th April, 2021 Sabine Ostrowski. `Macular Degeneration Foundation.`
Fri. 19th March, 2021 Bev Brock. `Life is what you Make it.`
Fri. 19th February, 2021 Lynn Carter. `Cruise around the top of Arnhem Land in 2019. (Part 1)` `Club member Lynn Carter presented via Zoom.`
Fri. 15th January, 2021 Peter Roberts. `Trip to outback Australia.` `Club member Peter Roberts presented via Zoom.`

Guest Speakers 2020

Fri. 17th April, 2021 Sabine Ostrowski. `Macular Degeneration Foundation.`
Fri. 19th March, 2021 Bev Brock. `Life is what you Make it.`
Fri. 20th November, 2020 Gary Codner. `Travelling in India.` `Club member Gary Codner presented via Zoom.`
Fri. 20th March, 2020 No Speaker. `Meeting cancelled due to COVID-19 isolation restrictions.`
Fri. 21st February, 2020 Twanny Farrugia. `Donate to Life.`
Fri. 17th January, 2020 Andrew Eadon. `Educational Officer at Melbourne Zoo.`

Guest Speakers 2019

Fri. 15th November, 2019 Dan Muir. `Beekeeping in Australia.`
Fri. 18th October, 2019 Eric Panther. `Down Memory Lane.`
Fri. 20th September, 2019 Eleanor Allen. `Travelling with dialysis.`
Fri. 16th August, 2019 Sharon Morgan. `South East Volunteers.`
Fri. 19th July, 2019 Eric Panther. `The fun of Family History.`
Fri. 21st June, 2019 Noella Steinfort. `A parent of an AFL player.`
Fri. 17th May, 2019 Gaye Erica Woods `A Diplomatic Life: A Double Take.`
Fri. 16th April, 2019 Pamela Abbott `A child immigrant of the 1950s.`
Fri. 15th March, 2019 Don Horsburgh `History of the Puffing Billy Railway.`
Fri. 15th February, 2019 Michael Dorahy `The journey of Burke and Wills.`
Fri. 18th January, 2019 Narelle Fraser `Former Senior Detective.`

Guest Speakers 2018

Fri. 16th November, 2018 Gary Codner `Adventures on the Trans Siberian railway from Beijing to Moscow.`
Fri. 19th October, 2018 Ray & Judith Binks `Probus trip to Japan.`
Fri. 21st September, 2018 Katie Hunter `Dogs for Kids with Disabilities.`
Fri. 17th August, 2018 Lynn Berry `Co-Founder / Creative Director of 5000 Poppies.`
Fri. 20th July, 2018 Vicki Mustafa `Senior Pastor, Glen Hill Community Church.`
Fri. 15th June, 2018 Narelle Fraser. `Former Senior Detective.` Postponed until January 2019 due a club member requiring medical attention.
Fri. 18th May, 2018 Syd Sherrin `The Family behind the football.`
Fri. 20th April, 2018 Rodney Richards `Rodney is a pilot speaking about the charity Angel Flight.`
Fri. 16th March, 2018 Keith Wilshier `Our own club member Keith Wilshier speaking about his yachting experiences.`
Fri. 16th February, 2018 Ambre Hammond `Concert Pianist, composer and public speaker.`
Fri. 19th January, 2018 Don Jones `Comedy Musician.`

Guest Speakers 2017

Friday 17 November, 2017 Philip Curtis `Habitat for Humanity.`
Fri. 20th October, 2017 Rebecca O'Sullivan `A forensic scientist with Victoria Police.`
Fri. 15th September, 2017 Judy Banks `Court Networker. Volunteers who provide support and information for people going to court.`
Fri. 18th August, 2017 Ian Penrose `Speaking about the happenings on the Yarra.
The river's wildlife, and the impacts Melburnians have on the river and how we can better look after the river.`
Fri. 21st July, 2017 Julie Fechner `Working to save dingoes.`
Fri. 16th June, 2017 No Guest Speaker `15th Birthday celebrations.`
Fri. 19th May, 2017 Lt Col Bernard Mulholland `The life of General Sir John Monash.`
Fri. 21st April, 2017 Carolyn Woodruff `The analysis and administration of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.`
Fri. 17th March, 2017 Michelle Shaw
(from Ryman Health)
`Speaking about Aged Care activities.`
Fri. 17th February, 2017 Brendan Pearse `Musical presentation.`
Fri. 20th January, 2017 Susan Pierotti `Speaking about Lola Russell.
Her family occupied a cottage built in 1850 and is the only continuously lived in residence remaining in the CBD.
Susan's book "City Kid` is the story of Lola.`

Guest Speakers 2016

Fri. 18th November, 2016 Greg de Moore `Speaking about Tom Wills.
Tom was one of the founders of Australian Rules football
and a cricketer who coached the first all aboriginal cricket team.`
Fri. 21st October, 2016 Professor Kate Burridge `Changes in our language over the past years.`
Fri. 16th September, 2016 No Speaker
Fri. 19th August, 2016 Anne Miller `Heritage Buildings on Melbourne's Golden Mile.`
Fri. 15th July, 2016 Pippa Sampson 'Changes to some legal matters, such as Power of Attorney and Wills.'
Fri. 17th June, 2016 Shirley and Brian Hardy-Rix `Motorbike travels around the world.`
Fri. 20th May, 2016 Australian Maritime Safety Authority. `The wide range of activities encompassed in their work.`
Fri. 15th April, 2016 Mel Higgins `Years ahead road safety for seniors.`
Fri. 18th March, 2016 Mia Batson and Craig Robinson `Monash and Home Community Care Program.`
Fri. 19th February, 2016 Lawrence Reddaway `World Trade Centre bombing 1993.`
Fri. 15th January, 2016 Judy Cox `U3A Wheelers Hill.`

Guest Speakers 2015

Fri. 21st Nov.2015 Don McQueen ` Bush Balladeer (recommended by Ros White) He has won several awards for his ballads.`
Fri. 16th October 2015 Mark O'Sullivan `CEO RASV, The Royal Agricultural Society and its role towards 2020.`
Fri. 18th Sept.2015 Lynda and Ian Andrews `Football/Sport/General Knowledge Quiz.`
Fri. 14th August 2015 Simon Purssey `13Cabs "Tips on Trips".`
Fri. 17th July 2015 Irani Jeganathan `Understanding your age pension.`
Fri. 19th June 2015 Barry Cairns `Trading with China and PNG in the 60's.`
Fri. 15th May 2015 Beverley Moss `Buckingham Palace in my underwear!!`
Fri. 17th April 2015 Alexandra Eaves `The Power of Humanity:
the origins of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement and the celebration of 100 years of Australian Red Cross.`
Fri. 20th February 2015 Geoff Gaff `The position of women in Saudi Arabia.`
Fri. 16th January 2015 James Egan `Victoria Police - Safer Living.`

Guest Speakers 2014

Fri. 21st November 2014 Elida Brereton `Adventures of a School Principal.`
Fri. 17th October 2014 Antony Wilson `Navy, My Experience.`
Fri. 19th September 2014 Lindsay Cox `The Salvation Army.`
Fri. 15th August 2014 Dr. Pat Bingham `Mr. Jells Park - A Tale of The Dandenong Valley.`
Fri. 18th July 2014 John MacDonald `The Victoria Police Air Wing - Yesterday and Today.`
Fri. 20th June 2014 Michael Nicholls and Peter Chan from Telstra `The NBN - The new communications platform.`
Fri. 16th May 2014 Warwick Duncan `A Liver Transplant's Trek Across the Kokoda Track.`
Fri. 11th April 2014 Ken and Susan Rogers `Adventure before Dementia - Aussie Pensioners in Palestine.`
Fri. 21st March 2014 Dr. Sue Schofield `The Orangutan Project.` Click for information.
Fri. 21st February 2014 Jessica Hazelwood from Red Cross `International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Conventions.`
Fri. 17th January 2014 Dr. Margery Kennett `Global Poliomyelitis Eradication Initiative.`

Guest Speakers 2013

Fri. 15th November 2013 Megan Wilson from Victorian Ombudsman.
`The Work of the Ombudsman.`
Click for Information.
Fri. 18th October 2013 Brian Luke `My Life as a Jockey and Saddler.`
Fri. 16th August 2013 Keith Jones `History and Operations of the Australian Coast Guard.`
Fri. 19th July 2013 Janine Evans `Blue Babies and Bad Places`
- nursing children undergoing heart surgery in Iraq and Libya.`
Fri. 21st June 2013 Dr. Geoff Crawford `Jack The Ripper.`
Fri. 17th May 2013 Ian Crawford `Crawford Productions.`
Fri. 19th April 2013 Alison Tye `The Peninsula Link.` Refer to the Vicroads web site.
Fri. 15th March 2013 Molly Sasson `A.S.I.O.`
Fri. 15th February 2013 Euan Moore Victorian National Parks Association. `Conservation issues in Victoria.`
Fri. 18th January 2013 Irma Dymke `Life's Experiences.`

Guest Speakers 2012

Fri. 16th November 2012 Alan Crompton `What We Should Know About The SES.` Refer to the SES web site.
Fri. 19th October 2012 John Gardiner `The Dunny Man!`
Fri. 21st September 2012 Guest Speaker Loretta Parkins from Radio 3MBS Click link for information
Fri. 17th August 2012 Robyn Vella `Loddon Valley, The Place to Grow` or `Survival in Country Towns` Click links for information
Fri. 20th July 2012 Roy Boyd `Athletics coach from beginners to Olympians.`
Fri. 15th June 2012 Anne Major `Opening The Door To Our Ancestors` Click link for information
Fri. 18th May 2012 Video production by Alan Taylor 'Memories', A DVD Presentation of the first
10 years of our Club on our 10th Anniversary.
Club DVD is available
to borrow or purchase - See Alan.
Fri. 20th April 2012 Mahar Sukka `Victoria Police Multicultural Unit.`
Fri. 17th February 2012 Lynda Wright `Shrine of Remembrance`. Click link for information
Fri. 20th January 2012 Tracy Cain and Marg. Leutton `Aging Gracefully.`

Guest Speakers 2011

Fri. 18th November 2011 John Arnott `Cranbourne Botanical Gardens`. Click link for information
Fri. 21st October 2011 Keith Wehl `Where Did I Put My Glasses?`A talk about Alzheimer`s.
Fri. 19th August 2011 Brad Kyle `Memoirs of a Pilgrim in Spain.` Click link for information
Fri. 15th July 2011 Stephen Hill, Chaplain `The Salvation Army's Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.`
Fri. 17th June 2011 Ken Rogers `The Tutankhamun Exhibition.`
Fri. 20th May 2011 Dr. Sutcliffe `My Bionic Ears.`
Fri. 15th April 2011 Don Jones `The Magic of Laughter.`
Fri. 18th February 2011 Dave Nicholson MFB, `Fire Safety in the Home` Click link for information
Fri. 21st January 2011 Robert Willis Melbourne Meteorological Bureau Click link for information

Guest Speakers 2010

Fri. 19th November 2010 Annette Alison `The Royal Flying Doctor Service.`
Fri. 16th October 2010 Sandra McCarthy `Working with Migrants.`
Fri. 17th September 2010 Adam Hince `Chaplain to the Bushrangers.`
Fri. 20th August 2010 Kevin Speer `The Rotary/Probus connection.`
Fri. 16th July 2010 Jennifer Farmer `Social Justice/Food Bank.`
Fri. 18th June 2010 Shirley and David Williams `Print and Sketch Teachers.`
Fri. 21st May 2010 George Haddon `Cartoonist.`
Fri. 16th April 2010 Pamela Warrender `Author. The Sidney Myer Family.`
Fri. 19th February 2010 Professor Bruce Holloway `Genetically Modified Foods and Plants.`
Fri. 16th January 2010 George Younan The Heart Foundation Click link for information

Guest Speakers 2009

Fri. 20th November 2009 Bill Westwood Auctioneer `Extraordinaire..`
Fri. 16th October 2009 Laurie Fabricant `Jazz Music.`
Fri. 21st August 2009 Karin Koeppen `The Cuckoo Restaurant.`
Fri. 17th July 2009 Alan Taylor `Russia and the Baltic States Tour.`
Fri. 19th June 2009 Colin Peasley `The Australian Ballet.`
Fri. 15th May 2009 Karen Ivanaka, A Representative from The Council of the Aged `The Quality Use of Medicines.`
Fri. 17th April 2009 Jenny Diem `Mercy Ships.`
Fri. 20th February 2009 Ken Jepson `The HoneyBee and Us.`
Fri. 16th January 2009 Anne Catchpole `Cottage By The Sea.`

Guest Speakers 2008

Fri. 21st November 2008 Leslie McGarvie `Life in Government House.`
Fri. 17th October 2008 Paul Roberts (with Quill) and Kylie Parkington (with Phantom). `Seeing Eye Dogs.`
Fri. 15th August 2008 Tim Acton `A Light-Hearted look at Travel.`
Fri. 18th July 2008 Mike Cusack `My Year in the Kimberley.`
Fri. 20th June 2008 Percy Cooper `Identity Theft. Easy Ways to Protect Yourself.`
Fri. 16th May 2008 Hillary Jones `Myer Experiences.`
Fri. 18th April 2008 Dianne Muddyman `Confection.`
Fri. 15th March 2008 Sara Lettieri `Melbourne`s New Ticketting System.`
Fri. 15th February 2008 John Carlson `The Spirit of Anzac.`
Fri. 18th January 2008 John Payne `History of the Australian Theatre.`

Guest Speakers 2007

Fri. 16th Nov. 2007 Dick Kirby - Past President of the VGA `Golf and How it is Run.`
Fri. 19th Oct. 2007 George Hogg `The Bennettswood Jeweller.`
Fri. 21st Sept.2007 Robin Bowles, author `Her Life and Novels incl. `Dead Centre`, the Peter Falconio case.`
Fri. 20th July 2007 Peter Hitchener `Down Memory Lane in Radio and Television.`
Fri. 15th June 2007 Peter Matheson and Joyce Lo from the Financial Information Service at Centrelink `Proposed Changes to the Pension Assets Test.`
Fri. 18th May 2007 Gordon Baddely `Volunteer Ambassador, Bionic Ear Institute.`
Fri. 20th April 2007 Matt Phelan `Southern and Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (Eastlink).`
Fri. 16th February 2007 Beth Wilson `Health Services Commissioner.`
Fri. 19th January 2007 Max Whitehead `The Secret Discovery and Exploration of Australia.`

Guest Speakers 2006

Fri. 17th November 2006 Bryan Loft from Friends of Dandenong Valley Park `Parks in our Locality and Community Involvement.`
Fri. 20th October 2006 Peter Raymond from Parkinson’s Victoria Inc. `Parkinson’s Disease.`
Fri. 15th September 2006 Anthony Knight of the Beleura House Events Committee `Beleura House.`
Fri. 18th August 2006 Patsy Haywood from the Association of Independent Retirees `Joys and Challenges of Retirement.`
Fri. 21st July 2006 Rob Carmichael (JP) `Life’s Experience.`
Fri. 16th June 2006 Eric Mitchell - Friends of the Zoo `Animals and Conservation.`
Fri. 19th May 2006 Melanie Holmes - Melbourne Water `Sewerage and Water Conservation.`
Fri. 21st April 2006 Bill Dair and Charles Gorman on China and Leo and Jan Squires on Egypt. `What we did on our Holidays.`
Fri. 17th March 2006 Dr Jennifer Breschkin of the CSIRO `Sneezin’ Season.`
Fri. 17th February 2006 Peter Roberts `Is Melbourne the Legionella Capital of the World?`
Fri. 20th January 2006 David Innes `The Relief Effort following the Tsnami on Boxing Day 2004.`

Guest Speakers 2005

Fri. 18th November 2005 Gay Gaye `The History of Theatre`
Fri. 21st October 2005 Peter Hogan `From Regimentation to Retirement.`
Fri. 16th September 2005 Mary Bonser - National Trust of Australia `Ripponlea.`
Fri. 19th August 2005 Joel Schultz of the State Trustee`s Office `Estate Planning.`
Fri. 15th July 2005 Bruce McBrien `Remembering Melbourne.`
Fri. 17th June 2005 Marjorie West - The Vision Foundation `Radio Station 4RPH and its service which enables vision impaired
people to more fully enjoy live shows.`
Fri. 20th May 2005 Rev. Jim Pilmer, Senior Police Chaplain `Chaplaincy in the Police Force.`
Fri. 15th April 2005 Lloyd Phillips `Fun with Poetry.`
Fri. 18th March 2005 John Mentha `My Moments Past`. The History of Magic as a Performing Art.
Fri. 18th February 2005 Club Members - Ian Dale, John Aumuller, Ted May, Graham Chatto, Charles Gorman,
Dorothy Stevenson and Rene Gale gave 5 minute presentations.
`Various Topics.`
Fri. 21st January 2005 Allan Chandler `French Island`. (Very topical as we visit the island on the 25th February.) Our Club Visit to French Island and Seal Rocks

Guest Speakers 2004

Fri. 19th November 2004 Sandra Dorman `Victoria Police Drug Squad.`
Fri. 22nd October 2004 Kevin Heinz `Plants and People.`
Fri. 17th September 2004 Gabriella Byrne `A Passionate Affair with George.`
Fri. 20th August 2004 John Hobbs `Memoires of a POW in Germany in World War 2.`
Fri. 16th July 2004 Mary Richardson `Years Ahead - Road Safety For Seniors.`
Fri. 18th June 2004 Don Chipp - Former MHR `26 Years In The Big House.`
Fri. 21st May 2004 Angela Brekalo `Legal Ombudsman`s Office.`
Fri. 16th April 2004 Don Draffin - Vision Australia `Coping With Change.`
Fri. 19th March 2004 Capt. Dale Newman Qantas Pilot. `Flying.`
Fri. 20th February 2004 Ian Dale `The Life of a Paramedic.`
Fri. 16th January 2004 Rev. Trevor Byard `A Talk for Probians and Other Funny Fellas.`

Guest Speakers 2003

Fri. 21st November 2003 Eric Panther - Australian Institute of Geneological Studies `Introduction to Family History.`
Fri. 17th October 2003 Walter Robson `The Life of Dr. Wakefield in The Goldfields, Ballarat in the 1860`s`
Fri. 19th September 2003 Julie Olarenshaw and Mark Lewer - Australian Customs Service `The Customs Service from Federation to Today.`
Fri. 15th August 2003 Colin Bibby from The MFB `Protection and Community Safety.`
Fri. 18th July 2003 Colleen Knowles - Guide Dog Association `Her Companion - Oban.`
Fri. 20th June 2003 Jim Tuhan `The Waverley Historical Society.`
Fri. 16th May 2003 Gerry Roberts `Antarctica.`
Fri. 24th April 2003 Polyanna Williams `The NYPD.`
Fri. 21st March 2003 Dan Webb - Media Commentator `My Life at 3DB.`
Fri. 21st February 2003 Jenny Hill `Ronald McDonald House.`
Fri. 17th January 2003 Ailsa Brady - Bureau of Meteorology `Austalia`s Sub Antarctic Station on McQuarie Island.`

Guest Speakers 2002

Fri. 20th December 2002 Laurie Bunn `The History of Puffing Billy.`
Fri. 15th November 2002 Graham McBurney - The National Crime Authority `The National Crime Authority.`
Fri. 18th October 2002 Eric Mitchell - Friends of the Zoo `Animal Life at the Zoo and Their Interchange Around the World Zoos.`
Fri. 20th September 2002 Ian Cleeland `My Life as a VFL Umpire.`
Fri. 16th August 2002 Kevin Gates - Royal Historical Society `My Life as a Diplomat.`
Fri. 19th July 2002 Geoff Taylor - The Australian Gallery of Sport `History of the MCG and its Redevelopment for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.`